Clinical Rehabilitation Pilates @ APSC

Clinical Pilates is a type of low impact exercise which is suitable for all age groups and abilities and is based on the traditional Pilates method and exercises first introduced by Joseph Pilates. Clinical Pilates focuses on core stability and strength, hip and pelvic stability and strength, postural retraining, flexibility, spinal mobility, breathing and relaxation.

At APSC I (Siobhán) am the main Pilates Instructor and I am a fully certified APPI Clinical Rehabilitation Pilates Instructor – I completed all my training and certification exams with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute in 2015. APPI are now one of the worlds most popular Pilates training institutes for Physiotherapists and degree level equivalent Healthcare Professionals and are actively teaching their method in over 14 countries.





What makes APPI Clinical Pilates different is that all of the traditional Pilates exercises are broken down into 4-6 levels each and are taught/prescribed based on the level of pain, pathology/injury of the client and goals of movement and function. This means that the APPI Pilates method is suitable and beneficial for all ages and abilities, all types of sportspeople and athletes and for the rehabilitation of most injuries. All exercises and classes can be clinically reasoned as to why such an exercise is being picked for a certain population or patient.



For example APPI Pilates exercises can be chosen to specifically target the running population to help to improve performance, aid recovery and avoid injury. Pilates for Runners classes/programmes are broken into applying the APPI method and key elements to running posture and technique,  strengthening of the pertinent muscle groups used while running and improving flexibility and mobility. In a similar way specific APPI exercises can be chosen to help someone with scoliosis improve their strength, flexibility and function. The different populations in which the APPI clinical pilates method can be used with is countless.

At APSC we offer a wide range of APPI Clinical Pilates classes on the mat and we are also now teaching APPI Pilates on the Reformer in private classes. Our Mat Classes run on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Thursdays in the morning and the evening and at Beginner, Improver, Intermediate and Advanced levels. We also currently offer Men’s only classes, Mum & Baby / Post-Natal Classes, Pilates for Runners and Pregnancy Pilates. Check out our Facebook page or Website for our current timetable. 1-1 rehabilitation Pilates sessions are also available by appoinment both on the mat and reformer.

I am proud to be part of the APPI Pilates world and to be teaching this method to lots of people in Co. Meath.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a place in our Matwork classes on (046) 9430521.


Written by Siobhán Delea 

Athboy Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Jan 2018





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