Not too hot not too cold, just right!

We all know how it ends up for Goldilocks and her porridge. Somehow she manages to get it just right! For porridge it can be easy enough to get the balance right but for exercise and the load we place on our bodies, this can seem to be a harder proposition.

The physical demands or loads we place on our bodies are usually straight forward and constant. In work it may be lifting the same boxes day in day out, or for a sports person it may be running a set distance or time. Overall we all have a target physical demand or goal we are aiming for. Sometimes what we fail to understand is that while the physical demand is usually constant, our health and bodies are in a constant state of flux and change.  Unfortunately with time our bodies are aging with our cells and body systems always trying to keep a state of balance or homeostasis.


Diseases and illnesses usually impact on this balancing act too. Reading and being aware of what state our bodies are in may seem like an inbuilt skill we all have, but unfortunately with prolonged periods of stress and the type of society we live in, this ability to read and interpret our own body signs can be hampered.  Physical signs of stiffness, muscle tightness and even pain can be ignored or brushed aside by blaming activities and loads that are normal and have never changed. It is true that too much load or volume of one activity can be harmful but it is also true that too little or no load at all can also be harmful.

The question is can we maintain the middle ground? Perhaps for success we should think about Goldilocks. For her to get things right she had to explore all her options but more importantly she had to learn which option suited her best and why.



Copyright © 2017 Kevin Conneely

Written by Kevin Conneely MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist , 2017 

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