Back Pain: Busting the myths and how clinical Pilates can help treat your back pain – part 2

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines exercise programmes that target stretching, postural control, muscle strengthening and aerobic activity are recommended for the management of low back pain. Walking, running, cycling or swimming are examples of aerobic activity that you can do to help with your back pain. Along with aerobic activity, pilates can help you achieve all the other exercise elements recommended in the NICE guidelines.


Poor core strength, pelvic instability, muscle imbalances and sustained, repetitive postures are all factors which can cause low back pain. Pilates helps to correct these imbalances by improving your posture and the quality of movement.  We also know that stress can exacerbate our pain response, particularly during increased episodes of low back pain.

At Athboy Physiotherapy & Pilates our classes include low load strengthening and stability exercises that incorporate full body strengthening and postural control through activation of the deep abdominal, pelvic and spinal stability muscles to support the spine throughout movement.

A large focus of our classes is aimed at core stability as we know that core strength is extremely important in the prevention and treatment of lower back pain. Each class will optimise your posture and neutral spine to ensure the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles function best to strengthen the core.


Classes will help to restore your back muscle strength, mobilise your spine effectively focusing on movement with control as well as including flexibility, endurance, balance and co-ordination exercises to help stretch and elongate your body for its optimal function.

During the class your pilates instructor will be able to give advice and modify each of the prescribed exercises to ensure they are tailored to meet your needs and help treat your back pain.

Our classes also incorporate mindfulness, relaxation and breathing control techniques to help reduce stress levels and ensure you have a very enjoyable and beneficial experience in our pilates classes.


We have lots of different classes available from mat based classes from beginner to advanced level, mens’ only mat classes, pre and post natal classes and also recently added reformer pilates classes. All our instructors are trained by APPI, the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Instructors.

Call us or message us to find out more and start your journey to improved spinal and overall health today.


Keelan O’Connor, 2019, Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates Instructor 

2 thoughts on “Back Pain: Busting the myths and how clinical Pilates can help treat your back pain – part 2

    1. Hi Lorraine, My sincere apologies for the super delayed response. Not used to using wordpress, trying to get into learning how! So I’m terribly sorry that I am only seeing your message now. If you have a look at Pilates at Athboy Physio on facebook and contact me there I will be able to give you more information on our Pilates classes. Thanks so much and sorry again, Sinead @ Athboy Physio and Pilates


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